Aryasamaj Chicagoland announces the arrival of Acharya Om Prakash Ji Samvedi

It is heartening to note that Acharya Om Prakash Ji Samvedi is once again with us.

Those who have heard him in the past at Arya Samaj Chicagoland would remember his sermons and speeches, full of vedic knowledge and the simple language by which he enriched our lives.

Arya Samaj chicagoland once again extends its invitation to all, to come and participate in its weekly Havan every Sunday 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM, get soaked in knowledge of Vedic knowledge and socialize over a sumptuous lunch.

Arya Samaj is now fully geared up to perform any of the 16 Sanskars at the individual homes.

Those who might be interested can contact Dr. Soni , the President of Arya Samaj for performing havan at their homes.

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