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Namaste Everyone,

We celebrated Mahavir Jayanti, Hanumaan Jayanti recently as many of us must have done.

However it was for the first time that we saw these things in the right perspective.

Acharya Om Prakash ji Samvedi from Holland explained the underlying principle of Jainism and Buddhism throwing new light on the great lives of the founders respectively.

He explained how the Principles of Physical, Mental and Verbal not-violence are not only important but have become more relevant in today’s short tempered life style.

As somebody has rightly said:
“My using in appropriate words shows my incapability to choose right words”
If we are careful in our speech and are not verbally violent lot many problems will simply not arise at all.

He explained to a very attentive audience how are these branches of Hinduism are connected to Vedas. It was very up- lifting to listen to the Mantras and in between the meaningful lecture with the deep hidden message.

Acharya ji musically recited the chapter from the Ramayana and gave tribute to Sri Hanuman ji and conveyed the message of pure Bhakti.

Acharyaji’s Pravachan helped us in identifying our common roots and opened our hearts and minds to the importance of the rituals we perform so that we are fully connected with the higher power when we perform any kind of puja.

Come and attend
EVERY SUNDAY (11.00 AM TO 1.00 PM)
the wonderful sessions, participate in Havan, understand the meaning of it and socialize at the Lunch that follows.

In case you wish to conduct any special Havan at Arya Samaj or Wish to sponsor a Havan do contact us.

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