Havan Program, Sunday November 1,2015


A panaromic view of the Havan Vedi

A panaromic view of the Havan Vedi


Come, Participate, Socialize, refresh and Enjoy


Take Home Knowledge, Satisfaction and Happiness

Please join  us for the weekly services of the Arya Samaj of Chicagoland at 700 Hillview Avenue, West Chicago on Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Bless Satya  and Shubhda ( Grand Daughter and Daughter of Mrs. Saroj and  Dr. Sukhdev Soni) on their birthdays.

The  Program starts sharp at 11.00 AM. Havan is followed by Bhajans and Pravachan.

It is then followed by a sumptuous Lunch.

Today’s Lunch is sponsored by Dr. Soni’s Family to celebrate the birthdays of their Grand Daughter and Daughter.

Arya Samaj makes a special request to bring children with you so  that next Gen is exposed to great Vedic Values, Sanskars and ancient knowledge and wisdom.

We look forward to having you, your friends and your family at the Arya Samaj this Sunday.

Thank you,


Mohini Bhatia & Madhu Uppal

Co-Secretaries, Arya Samaj of Chicagoland


Celebrate special times in your life by sponsoring a Sunday havan at the Arya Samaj. For information, please contact  Mrs. Suversha Sehgal at 630-894-2333 or Mrs. Bharti Verma at 630-897-3758.     

For information about hosting other events at the Arya Samaj, please contact Mr. Chander Sehgal at  630-894-2333.

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